The Online Esports League Story

We know gaming. We are esports.

At the OEL we believe there is a better way to compete in esports. A simpler, quicker more competitive way in which gamers can come together and compete to win great cash prizes. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help gamers achieve it. We focus on how it works so you can focus on the competing and winning.

1. The Problem

As gamers we have been desperate to find a way to take our playing a bit further than just battling it out online. We wanted to be able to compete against others and win some cash whilst doing it. It should be simple…. so we thought. After trying a few different services available it became clear that esports hadn’t quite got to where we wanted it to be yet. I didn’t want to have to travel to compete or match up with random players online not knowing how good they would be.

It was so random and didn’t seem fair half the time. That’s when the aha moment came.

2. The Spark

“How can I create a simpler way for people to take part in competitive esports?”

This thought would ponder my mind for a long time (and I’m talking years). I’ve always had ideas but no way of implementing them due to various reason, technical or financially but then it hit me. I had worked out a way of being able to make competing in esports online simpler.

3. The Creation

We had the concept. It was now time to get to work. In early 2018 work began on finalising the concept, ensuring how it will work and building everything. Oh… and coming up with a name. The OEL of course.

Progress was slow initially as a few unexpected kinks always arise but we persisted as we knew we could build something great for gamers.

4. The Future

After a strong launch in mid 2018 the future of the Online Esports League is a bright one. We have great timeline of new leagues to come as well as some new great features to help expand the analysis we provide you as the gamer. This will allow you to develop your gameplay and start winning more leagues.


  • Chris Bowling
    Chris Bowling CEO/ Founder

Gaming has been a lifelong passion and still is to this day. Since the first Xbox I have been playing online and still am. (Xbox for life). Along the way I picked up a degree in Computer Games Design and have been working with websites most of my career. The OEL seemed like the most logical step and best decision I have made.

Passion for gaming
Actual gaming skill
Likelihood of rage quitting
Master Chief fandom

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