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At OEL Gaming we believe there is a better way to grow your communities. A simpler, quicker more intuitive way in which clans, competitive gamers, streamers and content creators can grow to their maximum potential. We’re obsessively passionate about it, and our mission is to help you achieve it. We focus on how to do this so you can focus on what you love, gaming.

1. The Problem

As a gamer I’m sure you are already aware of how difficult it can be to get started and work on becoming a full time professional. You know you want to be a gamer but it isn’t that simple.

How do you grow your audience? How do you start to make money as a gamer?

Even if you have a big community these things can still be a huge struggle.

2. The Spark

“How can I create a simpler way for people to become professional gamers?”

This thought would ponder my mind for a long time (and I’m talking years). As I have grown up alongside the rise of the gaming profession I knew there must be a simpler way to do this. This is when I took my gaming and marketing background to create something great.

3. The Creation

We had the concept. Create a suite of tools that will need minimum intervention from you (the gamer) whilst delivering maximum impact for A) growing your audience and B) making you income. It was now time to get to work. In late 2018 work began on finalising the concept, ensuring how it will work and building everything. Oh… and coming up with a name. The OEL Gaming of course.

The free to join BETA is now live. You can register here.

4. The Future

Now we are in the BETA phase the work has only just begun. We have launched with a collection of tools that will have an amazing impact for gamers but we have loads more yet to come!

2019 will be focused on testing the platform as much as we can whilst taking all of your great feedback.


  • Chris Bowling
    Chris Bowling CEO/ Founder

Gaming has been a lifelong passion and still is to this day. Since the first Xbox I have been playing online and still am. (Xbox for life). Along the way I picked up a degree in Computer Games Design and have been working with websites most of my career. OEL Gaming is my passion project brought to life.

Passion for gaming
Actual gaming skill
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Master Chief fandom

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