Team Aerial

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We are a competitive Battle Royale gaming clan established January 14th, 2019. We started off of purely console fortnite but have expanded to PUBG and expanded our platforms to Mobile and PC as well as console.

We have an Europe, North America, and Oceania Team. We are 15-1 in tournaments at the current moment.

Come and join us on Discord.

Premium Supporters

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  • Aerial Sharky
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  • Aerial Jackz
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  • Aerial Dray


Catch us on stream

Catch us on Twitch when we are live!

Support Team Aerial

Do you want to support the Team Aerial clan? If so we are offering you the chance to help the clan grow.

With your support we aim to:

  1. Enhance our streams and content. Currently we are working to provide you with the best content possible but this takes time and money. Your support will allow for us to invest in new technology to further enhance our content.
  2. Add more members. We are always looking for new members! Your support will allow us more time to help find those amazing upcoming gamers. Who knows… it could be you.
  3. Support our members. Currently when you become a member of Team Aerial you aren’t just joining a clan, you are joining a family. We want to be able to support our members.

So what do I get for supporting?

When you choose to support Team Aerial we offer 2 different tiers. Every tiers up includes extras as well as everything from the previous tiers.

Tier 1

  • This comes with all of the member exclusive content. This covers everything the latest Team Aerial news and posts.
  • You get access to brand new Team Aerial apparel before general release
  • Discount off every Team Aerial apparel orders

Tier 2

  • Everything you get in tier 1 plus…
  • You get featured on the members supporter wall! You will have pride of place showing that you are a top supporter.

So which tier are you going for?

Tier 1 
$3 per month

  • Member content
  • Exclusive apparel
  • Apparel discount

Tier 2 
$7 per month

  • All previous rewards
  • Feature on the supports wall

Team Aerial Updates

Below are the most recent public updates from the Team Aerial clan! For exclusive supporter updates choose your support tier above.

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