Arguably the game that brought battle royale games into the limelight, Player Unknown Battlegounds, aka PUBG is a tactical shooter that captivated gamers around the globe. In the months following it’s launch it was clear that PUBG was going to be an esports titan.

PUBG drops you an 99 other players into a large map with nothing but your tactics and skill. From here you have to outrun the decreasing map whilst looting and fighting your way forward. The last one alive wins.

pubg esports leagues

You can currently enter our PUBG leagues if you are playing on:

  • PC

Playing on another platform? Hopefully we will be adding them shortly. Make sure you subscribe to be kept up to date.

PUBG Esport League Types

PUBG has a range of different game types and we aim to provide you with the ones you want to play. PUBG has the classic game types you have come to expect from a battle royale. We have leagues for the following:

Compete in solos and be ranked against players of similar skill.
Compete in duos. You don't need to be teamed up to be ranked in our leagues. You just need to be playing the game type.
Compete in squads. You don't need to be teamed up to be ranked in our leagues. You just need to be playing the game type.

PUBG Esports Skill Levels

At the OEL we understand that everyone plays at a different skill level. We ensure we facilitate for players new to the game as well as the more dedicated players. To do this we have created a system that allows for multiple league divisions based on the number of players competing.

When you choose the game type you would like to compete in you are placed into a league amongst players of your skill set. Your league division will change each week depending on how well you have played the previous week. If you place top 10 in a league you will go up a division, if you come in the bottom 10 you will go down a devision.

How it works

  • Sign Up

    Register your account with the OEL. It only takes a minute!

  • Join a league

    Find a game and league that you want to compete in. All we need is your gamer id.

  • Go and play

    Unlike other leagues we track your performance. Just go away and compete your hardest!

  • Get paid prize winnings!

    When you get in the top spots you win cash prizes. It's that simple!


The OEL is almost ready to launch! We are just putting the icing on the cake. To make sure you don’t miss out on the launch complete the form below to be first to hear about it.

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