Growth & Engagement Platform

OEL Gaming provides you the all in one growth and engagement platform to help grow your clan, gamer or streamer profile.

Clan, Gamer and Streamer Growth Platform

  • Engage

    Improve engagement by delivering unique content and experiences to the supporters that matter the most.

  • Growth

    Growth your clan by connecting with supporters at the right time on the channels that matter to them.

  • Monetize

    By allowing your supporters to help you financially you can spend more time doing what matters most to your clan.

What is the Growth & Engagement Platform?

The Growth & Engagement Platform from OEL Gaming allows you to interact with your supporters in ways you haven’t being able to previously. Our suite of tools provides you with everything you need to go from a small operation to a fully fledged professional.

As a clan engagement with your audience is key. They are the ones that support you in tournaments, watch your content and dream of joining you.

Supporters love to know more.

With our clan pages you can feature your clan members, deliver exclusive content and interviews as well as tips and tricks to applying.

As an esports competitor or future star it is key that you get in that practice time. The problem is this can make it difficult to grow your audience and support yourself financially.

With our tools you can spend more time gaming whilst your audience grow and engagement grows on autopilot. (Well… it still needs a little input but not much)

As a content creator you know the hours are long! If that’s as a streamer or a video creator it is a lot more time consuming than you would expect. That’s not even mentioning the investment you need to make on gear and editing software.

With our tools you can reward your most engaged supporters by delivering them exclusive content and experiences. This frees you up to invest more financially and spend more time creating great content.


Turn fans into loyal supporters with these tools


Emails are a key way of consistently engaging with your audience no matter where they are. With your custom profile we will collect your supporters emails as well as fans who visit your page. With your custom list of contacts we will:

  • Send out a welcome email to introduce them to you and what you do. This will include the key things your supporters want to know about you
  • Send out a monthly newsletter that will contain your latest posts and article as well as your latest apparel

Within your member dashboard you will be able to see your list grow as well as how your emails are performing.

Custom Profile

Your custom online profile will allow you to feature everything that makes you great online. Provide your fans with everything they could ever need to know as well as links to all your key media.

  • Embed your Twitch live stream
  • Links to your social profiles
  • Feature clan members
  • Links to your apparel
  • Feature your latest posts, news and events

Supporter Tiers

Allow your most dedicated supporters to help you grow by allowing them to subscribe to different reward tiers. Since you know your fans better than anyone you get to create the different tiers levels and the rewards that come with them.

You can offer such things as:

  • Custom content for your members. Such as posts, articles, events, exclusive videos and more
  • Feature your top supporters on your page
  • Provide them with exclusive apparel items before public release
  • Offer discounts on apparel items
  • Create unique experiences that live outside of your profile. Such as, stream with you, exclusive Discord server and more

Apparel Made Easy

Fans of any sport, brand or game love apparel. Your fans are no different.

We have made selling custom merchandise online easier than ever. If you provide us with a logo/ design we can print on a huge range of items to the highest quality with worldwide delivery. Don’t have any designs? We can work with you to create something your fans will love.

Compared to running your own merch store we handle all the manufacturing, shipping and customer service. All of this is delivered through our high performing ecommerce platform, Nerd Royale. Whilst we are doing this you collect 50% of all profits made from sales. All tracked in your logged in members area.

How much does this all cost?

Well thats the key question! When the BETA has finished there will be a charge to access various features we have on offer.

The good news… Whilst we are in the BETA there will be no monthly fees. Small commissions will be taken on your subscribers and you will be paid great royalties for all of your sales.

If you decide you no longer wish to have your account with OEL Gaming you just need to get in touch. We will then remove your profile and any items you have on sale. No contracts or tie in periods to worry about.

For monthly subscribers to your page you will be charged a 20% commission for each month a user is subscribed.

On your two default levels this will be:

  • Tier 1 – $0.60 per month per user. ($3 cost to the user per month)
  • Tier 2 – $1.40 per month per user. ($7 cost to the user per month)
  • Tier 3 – you choose the cost and features of this tier. The 20% commission will still apply.

For each sale of your apparel you will be paid out a royalty. This depends based on the item the is sold.

You can see the different payouts you will receive in the table below.

Item Royalties Per Sale
T shirt $5
All over t shirt/ jersey $10
Hoodie $10
Snapback $5
Phone case $4
Mug $3
Drawstring bag $5
Beanie $4
Baseball T $6
Poster $2
Tank top $5
Jumper $7

Even more is coming!

On top of the great features we already offer we have an intense development roadmap to bring you even more functionality to help you grow. WATCH THIS SPACE!

Beyond the tools…

As well as the great tools we have on offer we want to do more to further your reach. When you join our growth tool you will also be promoted across our social channels, featured on the website as well as being in with the chance to be promoted in our monthly news letter.

Does this all sound good to you?

If it does, we are now taking applications to take part in the BETA. You can be one of the first to experience the power of our tool set. To join fill out the short application form below and we will be in touch when a space opens for you.



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