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Engage Your Fans
& Drive More Revenue

You have done the hard work and created your audience. Now is the time to turn them into fans.

OEL Gaming allows esports competitors, streamers, content creators and social influencers to engage their fans by enabling them to create and sell custom products.

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You receive an amazing 50% of profit on all items sold!

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How it works...

  • Tell us about yourself

    Let us know a bit more about yourself. This will allow us to start getting your custom products created.

  • Upload your artwork

    Upload your artwork so we can create your custom products. This can either be you logo or custom artwork.

  • Choose the products you want to sell

    Tick the products your would like to sell. You can change this list as and when you want.

  • Share your product links

    Share your products with your audience. The more you promote the products the more sales you will make!

  • Collect your payment

    You will receive 50% of profits for every sale made. This will be paid into your account for you to withdraw when you want.

What can I create?

Why choose OEL Gaming?

OEL Gaming is a platform dedicated to helping gamers of all types reach their full potential. We understand gamers and we understand customers.

As a gamer you are constantly striving to give your viewers the best content you can and that takes a lot of time. We know its not as easy as people think! That’s why we have started our merchandise platform to take this stress of your shoulders.

We have tried to make this as simple as possible for you whilst providing you a huge share of any money made. At OEL Gaming we will:

  • Put your designs on a huge range of high quality items
  • Handle all the manufacturing and production costs
  • Provide you with an enterprise shop front for your products
  • Look after any customer service issues so you don’t have to
  • Pay you a huge 50% of profits from any sales of your designs

Isn’t that great?! Whilst we are doing all this you can focus on growing your audience and getting the recognition you deserve!

So what do you need to do?

  1. Create you account
  2. Tell us about yourself
  3. Provide us your logo/ any designs you have
  4. Promote your products to your audience


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